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Black & Blue & Gold?
Yes, it’s a terrible pun. We cover the Sabres, the Amerks, prospects, and goings-on around the NHL. Opinions run wild around these parts, some of them NSFW (Blame Alex).

Meet The Press
Philip founded the site, but left it to Alex and Dan to keep fighting the good fight.

Alex was Black & Blue & Gold’s first guest contributor. Now he’s the site’s resident stats guru and gonzo columnist. He authors the popular Vulgar Stats and Vulgar Opinions series. Alex is wont to tackle social issues as they relate to the NHL.  With Phil’s departure, Alex is now King of Everything.

Stephanie was Black & Blue & Gold’s affiliate correspondent, heading up the Rochester bureau.

Dan is Black & Blue & Gold’s newest columnist, here to share his wit and opinions.  He may or may not communicate entirely through satire.

DISCLAIMER: All BBG staff members’ Twitter feeds may be NSFW due to language or content at any moment. Consider yourself warned.

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  1. 02/25/11 12:15 PM

    Gotta say, even though I’m not a Sabres fan, you have a pretty nice site here. Fantastic logo too!

  2. 11/19/11 9:25 PM

    You just got bookmarked. Nice blog; the entry on Stafford’s contract extension (dammit, did that really happen? I like my alternate past) was terrific in both facts and analysis.

  3. 09/10/12 1:10 PM

    CriminallyVu1ga is a jerk and I hate him.

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