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Vulgar Opinions: Ted Nolan And Bryan Trottier Are Terrifying


Earlier today Bill Hoppe reported on how Ted Nolan called Trottier as a reference for another candidate which led to Nolan bringing on Trottier himself.  This article terrifies me, for two reasons.

“It’s like riding a bike,” he [Nolan] said. “I don’t care if Bryan didn’t coach for 50 years. He still knows how to hop onto that bike and ride and win.”

It’s asinine to think that someone will “always know how to coach” just because they did it once and were successful.  Things change in the NHL and coaching styles must change with them.  Ask Ken Hitchcock how that works.

“When Bryan Trottier walks into a room, all the players are going to listen,” Nolan said. “His experience about how to win (is terrific). People can talk to you about how they think they could win is one thing. Hearing from a person that actually won and knowing how to do it is a lot different.”



What the goddamn hell is Trottier going to tell players about how to win?  “Jhonas…if you can stop a wrench, you can stop a puck.”

“How to win” is complete bullshit.  This team doesn’t need a coach that “knows how to win,” it needs a smart coach that is going to use the players to the best of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  Successful teams don’t know “how to win,” they put their players in the best possible position to succeed and hope they execute.  The best coaches are able to find the lineup and the matchups that make success as easy as possible.  (And, you know, they also have good players.)

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