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Is The Buffalo News Publishing Sexist Articles To Scapegoat Kim Pegula?


An open letter to Lisa Bell Wilson, The Buffalo News’s Executive Sports Editor:

Ms. Wilson,

Why are you letting Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan elevate Kim Pegula for criticism with incredibly sexist articles?

From Gleason’s Pegulas put a civic win in the books – The Buffalo News

“Some people have become wary of Kim Pegula. According to several current employees, Kim runs the Sabres while Terry is behind the scenes. Their basic message, added up: Terry is a good man but naïve; Kim has a controlling personality and is not as sweet as she comes across.”

As I’m sure you know, being perceived as “controlling” and “not as sweet as [one] comes across” is probably par for the course for any business leader (or one who is in control of things), and might even be seen as positive attributes were their target a man.

Meanwhile Jerry Sullivan has written:

“He [Terry] has a dubious public presence and poor PR sense, which is odd when you consider his wife has a background in public relations.”

Which again absolves Terry of guilt and places the blame on his wife.

As a woman in a leadership position, how can you let things like this see daylight?


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