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2014 Round 2 Playoff Matchups And My Picks


Round 2 Matchups East

Boston in 6 – It’s hard to fathom Boston not being better in every single game in almost every single way.  The only way they can lose this for themselves is by gooning it up and getting into penalty trouble.  Crap…

NY Rangers in 6 – I went back and forth on this, but here’s where I’m at.  I trust Lundqvist over Fleury.  I trust the Rangers’ forward depth over the Penguins forward depth.  I trust the Rangers defense over the Penguins defense.  And I trust that the Rangers’ star players are better than the Columbus star players who gave Pittsburgh fits.

Round 2 Matchups West

Chicago in 4 – Minnesota couldn’t keep pucks out of the net in key moments vs. Colorado where you can make the argument that they should have won six of those games.

Los Angeles in 5 – We need a fast-forward button.  Ignore the scores, look at the possession numbers.  Holy god.

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