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Garth Snow to Sabres Fans: Have Your Tanking and Eat It Too!


While anything can happen up until the official announcement, rumors and reports and little birdies are indicating that Garth Snow is going to hold on to the New York Islander’s 2014 first round pick, which would mean sending the 2015 first round pick to the Buffalo Sabres.

Black & Blue & Gold caught up with a few Sabres fans that had this to say:

Oh I love it! I’m so thankful. Now I can root for a team to tank without being an obnoxious loudmouth.
— Dustin from Lancaster

I was just starting to have an existential crisis over whether or not I actually am a fan of this team. I mean, I love the idea of getting a top draft pick, and if I don’t say Connor McDavid’s goddamn name at least once per hour I’ll burst a blood vessel in my left eye. It’s happened! But this way, y’know, I don’t have to be such a negative a-hole about it. It’s a win/win!
— Anna from somewhere in the South Towns

Eh. I don’t even like hockey. I’m a Bills fan, but Jeremy White said you don’t need a GM to be a successful hockey organization, and a message that simple and basic speaks to someone like me. Means I don’t have to think too hard ab out it. It can fit on a cardboard sign that I can bring to the next Monday Night RAW: ‘Top Pick Yes, GM Bad’.
— some guy that looked like Mayor Byron Brown

— 80% of Twitter

I think tanking contradicts everything about being a fan. It’s a broken system that gets fans excited about a 17 year old kid, and if that kid at all under-performs in the slightest bit every mouth breather is going to riot becau-
— we cut this jerk off before he could finish

The good news for fans of the Buffalo Sabres, and about 20% of Twitter, is that now you can once again cheer for your team AND hope that someone tanks! Get your fix on watching a hockey team struggle at being at all relevant, despite all the “young hot talent” and “big free agent splashes” that are sure to happen in the off season. THIS IS THE NEW YORK ISLANDERS, AFTER ALL! This isn’t their first tanking rodeo.

It’s a weird feeling, I’m sure, trying to process that it’s okay to want your team to do well once again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tim Murray is going to do everything he can to try to land two Top Five picks because he plays the game he needs to play, and it’s pro wrestling at this point. All tongue-in-cheek where he says “No, no, no, no…we’d never throw the season. That’s…that’s just ridiculous.”


I would never not try to not finish not last. I would not never not put young players where they can’t not develop to their best potential, never not never minding not finishing not last. Ever.

But despite Murray’s best attempts to game the broken system in place that undermines the spirit of competing to win get good draft picks you are allowed to yet again hope YOUR team does well. Thank you, Garth Snow, for this opportunity. This adds to my current life hack when it comes to hockey; I get my #tanking fix by hoping that _every_other_ team in the league blows chunks. Is it a pipe dream? Perhaps. But it’s 29 times as fun as pulling for one team to fall flat on its face and “lose entertainingly” and then shrugging and wondering why no free agents want anything to do with Hockey Heaven.

So let’s see some enthusiasm for the Islanders to tank in 2014-15. If anybody has proven it’s A.) repeatable and B.) not the best strategy for a rebuild if your general manager is a buffoon, it’s them.

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  1. Riccio permalink
    04/18/14 1:05 PM

    Unless the Islanders have some amazing rebirth through free agency this year, I can’t wait to see next years trade deadline. If the Islander’s are down and out come next March, Snow will have one hell of a Lose/Lose situation. Either he sells and effectively makes his team worse, sending them down further toward last place (if they aren’t there already), or he retains his players in an attempt to not tank, but then loses faith in the fan-base for being weak and not making moves at the deadline. This whole thing has just been one long trainwreck that still has a good head of steam to keep it going, and I’m so happy we have front-row seats to keep watching it.

    • Dan permalink*
      04/18/14 1:21 PM

      Very insightful, very positive, and a lucid comment. But you never said “Connor McDavid” so 2/10 would not read again.


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