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How Canada Destroys Hockey



If you’re reading this blog I have to assume you already know, but for the sake of an intro, the Canadian Women’s team clinched gold on Thursday at the Sochi Olympics and the Canadian Men’s team put on a possession shellacking of the United States on Friday in the gold medal play-in game.  Canada will meet Sweden on Sunday for the gold with a puck drop of 7:00 AM Eastern time.

For all its boasting of hockey passion, Canada sure works hard to ruin the game for everyone.  Take the Women’s tournament, which is already under fire for “lacking parity.”  This year has been nothing more than a Canadian campaign to get the sport stricken from the Olympics, presumably so it can declare itself the best at Women’s hockey without actually having to play it.  If Canadians actually cared about women’s hockey they’d have created a publicized and competitive league by now instead of the CWHL which, despite being the only real option, players scoff at.

But in the Men’s tournament, the Canadian Hockey Terrorists went one step further.  Note that puck drop time above…who in their right mind thinks any American is getting up for that now?  Ratings.  Apocalypse.  Why could Canada do such a thing to NBC, who has a contract with the NHL through 2021?  The only reasonable conclusion is that Canada wants to destroy hockey and a good way to do that is to destroy the network most responsible for covering it.

It’s clear that Canada is striving for a weakened NHL, preventing NBC from exposing the game to the country that needs that exposure the most.  It’s not enough for teams like Florida and Phoenix and Tampa Bay to go under.  Soon it will be the St. Louises and the Buffalos and the Pittsburghs of the NHL.  You’ll have a league where even Temiskaming Shores and Lachute have teams and New York City doesn’t.

This should be a wake-up call for American hockey fans everywhere.  We can’t let our neighbors to the north destroy hockey.  Like the great Nathan Hale once said “I greatly fear some of America’s greatest and most dangerous enemies are such as think themselves her best friends.”  Indeed Mr. Hale.  Indeed.

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