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Vulgar Statistics: Compete Level League Wide

No small task as you can see

15.4 Million, or what Buffalo Fans Think Thomas Vanek’s Cap Hit Was

Since we’ve little better to do this season than make fun of Ted Nolan and the xenophobic Sabres fans whose nether regions he sets aflame, I took the Compete Level statistic and applied it league-wide.  These are the results.  For those that need a refresher, Compete Level is calculated thusly:

(Hits*2 + Blocked Shots + PIM (per game)) divided by each player’s current cap hit and multiplied by modifiers that account for the grittiness that only being born in North America (Canada – 2.0, USA – 1.5, Latvia – 1.0, Scandanavia – .75, Other – 0.5, Russia – .25) and wearing a letter can bring (Captain – 2.0, Assisting Captain – 1.25).  Full sheet is here.

Compete Level Top Ten (Minimum 10 Games Played):

Compete Level Top Ten

Compete Level Bottom Ten

Compete Level Bottom Ten



H2BSPIM Bottom Ten

H2BSPIM Bottom Ten

Highest Non-Canadian:

Steve Oleksy (WSH) – 16.22 Nolans (36th)

Highest Non-North American

Radko Gudas (TBL, Czech Republic) – 5.92 Nolans (226th)

Highest Russian

Nikita Zadorov (BUF, 7 GP) – 2.20 Nolans (435th)

Anton Belov (EDM) – 1.60 Nolans (489th)

Highest Letter Wearer

Andrew MacDonald (NYI) – 24.09 Nolans (8th)

Highest Captain

Steve Ott (BUF) – 10.82 Nolans (114th)

Highest Million Plus Cap Hit

Matt Martin (NYI) – 21.97 Nolans (12th)

Highest Multi-Million Cap Hit

Steve Ott (BUF) – 10.82 Nolans (114th)

Lowest North American

Patrick Kane (CHI) – 0.23 Nolans (688th)

Lowest Canadian

Jeff Skinner (CAR) – 0.28 Nolans (679th)

Lowest Letter Wearer

Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – 0.07 Nolans (706th)

Lowest Captain

Alexander Ovechkin (DUH) – 0.35 Nolans (668th)

Team stats were a little trickier as you can’t exactly assign a national or letter modifier to an entire team.  Plus you have to weight the averages based on who played how many games.  What made the most sense was using total roster spots (Games played * 18 skaters) as the Games Played figure and then taking team totals for Hits, Blocked Shots, and PIM.  I then averaged each team’s cap hit, national modifier, and compete level to fill in those columns.  Yes, the teams that suffer the most injuries or play the most scrubs for whatever reason (Buffalo), will have a lower average cap hit, but I ask you, what’s Compete Level-ier than injuries and a bunch of no-talent goons?  Exactly.

Team Compete Level



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