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Vulgar Statistics: The Shanahan Suspensions Graphed


If you’re not already familiar, Capgeek has a pretty good list of all the suspensions that Brendan Shanahan has handed out since being put in charge of player safety, and while it is a complete list, it’s also difficult to put into perspective.  That’s why we have pie charts.  (And not all of the details regarding the Thornton suspension are out yet so I have not included it.)

Shanahan Suspensions infractions number

If it wasn’t apparent via the eye test, we can see that the biggest motivating factor behind the suspensions that are handed out is reducing the number of headshots.  Given the concussion lawsuit that has recently come to light, it’s probably not a stretch to say that the league is less concerned about player safety and more concerned about avoiding as much liability as possible.

Shanahan Suspensions infractions total games

And this chart makes that more obvious.

Shanahan Suspensions infractions average games

As does this one with a few small sample sizes kicking a couple random infractions higher.

Shanahan Suspensions teams gamesGo nuts conspiracy theorists, just remember that we’re talking about 7 suspensions (LOL Toronto) max here for any given team.

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