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Stars and Black Holes: Blues @ Sabres: 11-19-13


Before we get to the Stars and Black Holes, please enjoy this liveblog I did during the game.  Or don’t.  Free country.


I love that shot of Tallinder all alone like he’s the only one on the team. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BECOME. Also funny because Tallinder isn’t Canadian.

The audio and video for this stream aren’t syncing so Doug Allen looks like he’s in a Godzilla movie. Awesome.

First Period

At this point my reaction to Sabres goals is stunned laughter. I’m not bitter and broken, I promise.

FIRESTORM! I hope this game ends 10-9, I don’t care who wins. It’s way more fun chewing your program over a ton of goals than hopping around like you’ve got to pee antsy at no goals.

Ott just ‘hit’ Jackman and it looked like a tennis ball thrown at a brick wall.

Derek Roy and Steve Ott on the ice at the same time. I wish they would fight.

Ah the obligatory Drew Stafford did something kind of good that didn’t really result in a scoring chance. I think Stafford is just a chameleon, put him with good players and he’s great, put him with shitty players and…well…

I wish you could have given McBain’s shot to Andrej Sekera.

John Scott has the offensive positioning and movement of a cinderblock with a hockey stick duct taped to it.

Old Roy draws a trip on new Roy.

Sabres just getting murdered at puck recovery on the PK.

Watching guys play the puck along the boards without fear of getting crushed in the numbers is really nice. The NHL should get on that.

Hodgson looked pass too late on that 2 on 1.

Not sure what shots are right now, but guessing they end in ballpark of 18-8 Blues. (Note: They’re 11-4 right now)

The Sabres powerplay is movement for the sake of movement and no attempt to draw Blues out of position.

Followed by panic when the Blues get too close.

I don’t know that there’s any forward that I trust to be at least solid night in and night out than Marcus Foligno.

Some Twitter users making a good sarcastic point. No thank you Roy video. Where are we drawing the line here?

Kudos to Mike Weber and Steve Ott, I’m not sure which asshat overrated by our fans only because he’s North American to hate more.

Christian Ehrhoff attempts to help team by wiring puck into own bench. True Sabre that guy.

The Sabres somehow manage to give the Blues a shot with .2 seconds on the clock. Fantastic.

Shots were 14-6 *sad trombone*

 Second Period

Sometimes it’s tough to watch these games. Yep, that is hockey being played…sort of.

Do not shoot from that angle Matt Moulson, you are not Jochen Hecht.

The stream I’m watching slowed to roughly 1/8 speed for a moment. Probably MSG’s fault.

Steve Ott runs Ryan Miller by way of Vladimir Sobotka’s body. Fantastic.

A series of mostly solid decisions made by Tyler Myers. Progress.

How in the god damn hell did Leino miss that?

Uncovered guys ten feet from goal are bad. Now we know.

#MoulsonSlapshot < #VanekSlapshot

 Third Period

Paajarvi scores and pretty much nothing else interesting has happened.

This team sends you beyond snarkiness into glum silence.


  1. Tyler Ennis – Goal and a couple good games in a row.
  2. Ville Leino – The frustrating missed goal aside, he had a decent night.
  3. None.

Unsung Hero:

  • None.

The Robert Wade Niedermayer Memorial Black Holes:

  1. Christian Ehrhoff – He’s put together a pretty poor stretch here.
  2. Cody McCormick / John Scott – Hard to really fault them, it’s not their fault they’re in the position they’re in.
  3. Drew Stafford – Where scoring chances go to die.

Unseen Goat:

  • None.

2013-2014 Leaderboard (+3, +2, +1, +2 for Stars and USH, minus the same for Black Holes and USG)

  1. Ryan Miller +20
  2. Marcus Foligno +12
  3. Jhonas Enroth +10
  4. Brian Flynn +7
  5. Mark Pysyk +6
  6. Zemgus Girgensons +4
  7. Nikita Zadorov +3
  8. Mikhail Grigorenko +3
  9. Christian Ehrhoff +2
  10. Rasmus Ristolainen +1
  11. Corey Tropp +1
  12. Jamie McBain
  13. Matt Moulson -1
  14. Johan Larsson -2
  15. Patrick Kaleta -2
  16. Cody McCormick -3
  17. John Scott -3
  18. Kevin Porter -5
  19. Steve Ott -6
  20. Ville Leino -7
  21. Henrik Tallinder -8
  22. Tyler Myers -14
  23. Cody Hodgson -14
  24. Mike Weber -16
  25. Tyler Ennis -22
  26. Drew Stafford -33








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