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Vulgar Opinions: Gut Reaction To Today’s Festivities


Regier out, Rolston out, Lafontaine in, Ted Nolan in, no GM at the moment.  You know, I feel a little bad for Darcy despite thinking he no longer had any business being in control of this team.  Firing him feels a little like telling your grandpa that he just isn’t capable of driving anymore.  I’m sorry grandpa, I’ll take you to the antique shop so you can hit on Doris.

I don’t know if Lafontaine is a great hockey front office mind.  I was kind of hoping he’d eventually become Director of Player Safety because having a victim of where that system had failed only made too much sense.  What terrifies me is that Pegula is less interested in building a good hockey team in the modern NHL and only cares about recreating the teams he grew up watching and that brought him to tears when he first came on as owner.  If the Lafontaine move doesn’t smack of that, the Nolan one certainly does.

That said, Pegula doesn’t control the hockey aspects of the team any more than hiring the guys at the very top, and it’s not like Ted Nolan is a guaranteed failure.  Everyone laughed when the Blues brought back curmudgeony old out of touch a**hole Ken Hitchcock and look where that’s gotten them.  Hitchcock evolved his philosophies to be compatible with current players and the modern game and he looks like a completely different coach.  I can only hope that Nolan can do the same with the qualities that earned him a one way ticket out of Buffalo and Long Island.

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  1. Nuthatch permalink
    11/13/13 10:05 PM

    Nolan has already talked about evaluating the players for character, and adapting to the skills your players have. They both sound promising. And as far as Patty goes, he at least will get us moving on the right direction. He too has character & heart. And as he said several times it all starts at the top.

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