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Vulgar Opinions: Florida Panthers, Fan Outreach Done Right


As I tweeted a few moments ago, here is the Florida Panthers Promotional Schedule for the 2013-2014 season.  It includes:

  • Ladies Night – October 17th
  • Equality Night – October 19th
  • Special Olympics Night – January 4th
  • Girl Scout Night – March 7th

and many other notable events.  What it doesn’t include is catering to anti-LGBT organizations like the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts, showing further proof that Panthers President Michael Yormark was speaking from the heart when he said “the Gay population is a group we are trying to reach and better understand,” instead of whatever part of the body controls Public Relations.  (In the Sabres’ case, it’s probably a part that rhymes with heinous.)

I’m sure some idiot out there is going “well the Panthers need to do that so they can put butts in the seats.”  Um, please explain to me again why trying to increase and diversify your fan base is a bad thing under any circumstance?

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  1. Dave in DC permalink
    10/15/13 6:03 PM

    OK, I’ll bite. I know the Boy Scouts don’t allow gay kids and/or leaders (though being a private organization they’re allowed to), but what’s wrong with the Salvation Army? Last I knew they tried to help poor people.

    It’s not like the Sabres team up with the KKK or anything. These groups try to actively do good in one area, even if they’re jerks in another. I give a lot more credit to them than, say, Chick Fil A, whose only redeeming quality to counterbalance their crappy political views is selling a tasty sandwich.

    • 10/15/13 6:25 PM

      Salvation Army’s mission statement up until sometime last year included discrimination against LGBT couples. They also have a history of opposing / fighting anti-discrimination ordinances and terminating the employment of LGBT individuals. I believe Wikipedia has a pretty good rundown with citations under the controversies section of the Salvation Army article.

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