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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 1


Alright, making a few distinct changes to the power rankings this year.


  • Goals per game
  • Goals Allowed per game


  • Even Strength Goal Differential per 60 minutes
  • Even Strength Shot Differential per 60 minutes

I have also added an extra column to help separate the divisions to make better sense of things with the new playoff format.

Power Rankings Week 1


Pre*-Season Predictions:

*rough estimate


  1. Boston – Too good.
  2. Montreal – Too sneaky (good at possession) good.
  3. Detroit – Not too old yet.
  4. Tampa Bay – Not too young and inexperienced anymore.
  5. Ottawa – Too many offseason departures.
  6. Toronto – Too bad at possession.
  7. Florida – Too bad at most other things.
  8. Buffalo – Too bad.


  1. Pittsburgh – Too talented.
  2. New Jersey – Too good at puck possession.
  3. NY Islanders – Too overdue.
  4. Columbus – Too many good pieces.
  5. Carolina – Too many bad pieces.
  6. Washington – Too many deficiencies.
  7. Philadelphia – Too much of a cluster….
  8. NY Rangers – Too much roster dismantling year to year.


  1. St. Louis – Too many good young players too perfectly fit into a system.
  2. Chicago – Too much top six talent.
  3. Minnesota – Too many good pieces added.
  4. Colorado – Too many good pieces already there.
  5. Winnipeg – Too many mid tier players.
  6. Dallas – Too little.
  7. Nashville – Too late.


  1. San Jose – Too loaded.
  2. Los Angeles – Too methodically good.
  3. Vancouver – Too many bad teams in the division…still.
  4. Anaheim – Too much talent.
  5. Phoenix – Too little talent.
  6. Edmonton – Too little defense.
  7. Calgary – Too much failure.


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