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Vulgar Statistics: The Season-Long Shootout Project


I know most loathe shootouts (and for the record I fall into the “they’re fine, there are just too many of them” category), but they are part of the game and I’d like to further dissect them.  Rather than going backwards, I am going to track shootout attempts over the course of this season.  What I hope to do is categorize various shootout moves and determine which has the greatest success rate.  Obviously there is going to be some subjectivity here and some overlap and disconnect between categories, but I think I can develop an okay picture of what works and what doesn’t.   Some early thoughts have me starting with very basic categories like deking vs. wrist/snapshots vs. slapshots, and branching out into individual moves like the backhand-top-shelf move, the Forsberg, and so on.  Stay tuned.

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