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“It’s Very Nice Place, It’s Warmer”


Reporter – what do you think of the area so far, been a couple weeks now?

Sekera – Yeah, this my third week, uh, I really like it. Nice weather, nice people…

Reporter – Compared to Buffalo?

Sekera – Uh, I think everything is better than Buffalo (laughs). Nah, nah, it’s very nice place, it’s warmer. It’s really convenient so..I really like it.

That’s the verbatim audio from Sekera’s “everything is better than Buffalo” comment that got Twitter frothing at the mouth this morning.  The whole ordeal started because a Carolina reporter, Chip Alexander, tweeted the comment without any context or even a link to the audio despite having 50 characters to spare.

Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip

Sekera on the change from Buffalo to Raleigh: “I think everything is better than Buffalo.”

As you can imagine, it got a little out of control in Buffalo where skin is thin, forcing Sekera’s agent Allan Walsh to clarify that Sekera was referring to the weather.  Somewhat ambiguous from the audio, but believable, and it’s quite apparent that there wasn’t any ill-intent on Sekera’s part.  I’m just speculating here, but I’m guessing that Sekera’s agent was a little pissed that some reporter was damaging his client’s reputation with either laziness or stupidity and personally set the record straight because a few hours later Alexander added the context that he had all the ability and opportunity to provide from the beginning.

I’m a little disappointed Sekera didn’t have stronger words, because it would have at least made the interview worth a listen, as most player-press exchanges really aren’t.  But good for him for being traded into a situation that he apparently likes and good for us for being rid of such an obvious malcontent.

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  1. 09/12/13 3:09 PM

    Good to know there’s a Harrington in every city.


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