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Vulgar Statistics: Trending Teams, Who Was Most Talked About


Which teams were most talked about over the course of the 2012-2013 NHL season?*


I searched for each team’s full name in google and tabulated the number of hits.  While some teams’ names (Dallas and Florida) obviously have non-hockey meanings, this gave me a rough starting point.  Then I plugged them into Google Trends over and over until I had them in order from most to least popular over the past year.

  1. Chicago
  2. Boston – Makes sense that the two Finals participants got the most attention.
  3. Pittsburgh – Ew.
  4. Toronto – Double ew.
  5. Detroit – Gross.
  6. Montreal – Bout de singe vent.
  7. Vancouver
  8. NYR – Ten spots too high based on talent.
  9. Ottawa – Really?
  10. Edmonton – Highest non-playoff team.
  11. San Jose
  12. Dallas
  13. Washington
  14. Winnipeg
  15. Minnesota
  16. Buffalo – Systemic mediocrity!
  17. Calgary
  18. Philadelphia
  19. Anaheim
  20. St. Louis
  21. Phoenix – Probably not this high for good reasons.
  22. Florida
  23. Colorado
  24. Tampa Bay
  25. Carolina
  26. New Jersey
  27. Los Angeles – Yep.
  28. Nashville
  29. Columbus
  30. NYI – Sigh…
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