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Vulgar Opinions: Thank You NHL For Doing Something Different And Useful


By now I’m sure you’ve seen this story, whose image I will borrow from Puck Daddy:

So we’ve got three relatively boring and moderately useful geographic also-rans for division names and the Metropolitan division.  Know what?  Cool.  It’s a little odd, it’s different, I like it.  I’m mostly just glad we avoided this:

For the record: We’d have loved a return to Patrick/Adams/Norris/Smythe. Or another quartet of modern hockey legends that the division names could honor.

No, no no, hell no.  First of all, it’s confusing to new and more casual fans.  My team plays in the Milbury division?  Or was it the McGuire division?  Hell, I don’t know.  Second, it’s extremely awkward to borderline insulting to have seven or eight teams playing in a division named after one guy known best for associating with one of them.  It’s lionizing history that doesn’t need to be lionized and places an over-emphasis on the so called ‘elite’ markets, some of which haven’t done anything of note since 1993.  Right Canada?

You don’t want to regionalize a sport that has an international body of players and a growing international fanbase with crap like that.  We don’t need North America vs. The World again, that’s what the Olympics are for.  As much as butthurt Canadian and deluded American hockey purists want to remind people that hockey is a game with northern Canadian Russian ??? roots, it isn’t that now and it cannot be that in the future if it wants to survive with any degree of relevance.

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