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Vulgar Statistics: Playoff Power Rankings – Stanley Cup Finals And My Pick


And then there were two.  How have they fared in the playoffs thusfar?

Winning Percentage:

Boston – .750 (12-4)

Chicago – .706 (12-5)

After their near-loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins have been stellar, losing only one game since.  The Blackhawks meanwhile dropped one to the Wild, struggled with the Red Wings, and then dispatched the Kings in short order.  It’s hard to tell how their opponents stack up against one another given no games between the conferences until now, but I would imagine most would put Minnesota, Detroit, Los Angeles above Toronto, the perennially underwhelming Rangers, and Pittsburgh.

Goal Differential:

Boston – +20 (50-30)

Chicago – +14 (47-33)

Chicago hasn’t seemed like an offensive dynamo, nor an impossible team to score on, while the Bruins have at least accomplished the latter.  Again, not much difference considering the Blackhawks’ superior competition.

Shots Towards Goal:

Boston – +122 (1098-976)

Chicago – +74 (950-876)

It’s not surprising that both are good possession teams with Boston taking advantage of mediocre to poor possession opponents and the Blackhawks making most of their gains in the first round.  However, they did outpace Detroit and only finished 19 shots behind the Kings, both of which are solid possession teams themselves.

Special Teams:

Boston – 15.6 / 86.5

Chicago – 13.7 / 94.8

Penalty kill is actually the only area in which Chicago has outperformed Boston these playoffs, although the Bruins did hold the Penguins to 0/16 on the man advantage.  Again, likely a wash.

5 on 5 Goal Differential:

Boston – +19 (41-22)

Chicago – +12 (39-27)

This is perhaps the only area where Boston is far enough ahead to mean something.

5 on 5 Save Percentage:

Boston – .947

Chicago – .927

I don’t think many would argue that Rask’s play has been superior to Crawford’s this postseason, although the latter is certainly a capable netminder in his own right.

The Pick: Chicago in 6.  Jonathan Toews has yet to show, but then again so does Milan Lucic.  All things being equal, the former is going to give you a better product eleven times out of ten.  I think Chicago’s big guns are just better than Boston’s, and theyve seen some great performances from role players so far.



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