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Vulgar Opinions: I Don’t Really Care About Visors


I’ve shared this opinion before, but it bears repeating: I don’t think eye injuries are common enough for the implementation of visors to be that big a deal.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been proven pretty emphatically that they do prevent those sort of injuries and preventing injury is a good thing, but I would rather the NHL focus its efforts in other areas, like concussion prevention.  (Just make boarding a major already.)  But in any event, we’re here and I salute the NHL for doing something.  Here are the best responses to the new visor rules from the NHL’s Facebook post:

Visors Tough Guys


Visors Softer Pads


Visors Sissy Game


I love how having a thin plastic shield over your face is such a huge deal to these people.

Visors Lame

I appreciate Bobby’s brevity.

Visors Gretzky

Visors Euros

Visors Crosby

Good point.

Visors BSBut there’s an ellipsis…

Visor Skirts and Blouses

Visor Orange Ball


Visor Comment SubbanActually I kind of want the answer to this too.

But some people were EXTRA pissed.

Visors Soft League-HP

Visors Female Players-HP

Visors Bryan Beard-HP

Visors Womans Network Channel-HPWomens Network Channel.

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