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Vulgar Statistics: Conference Finals Power Rankings And My Picks


I figured that instead of hiding cells, I’d just give you guys all the info and make peace with it not fitting in the column.

#1 Pittsburgh vs. #4 Boston

Why Pittsburgh will win – They’re the best team left in the east, goaltending issues aside.

Why Boston will win – The aforementioned goaltending issues, and much like the Islanders, Boston is the type of effort-based team with evenly distributed talent that could give the Penguins trouble.

The Pick – Pittsburgh in 7 – They’re just playing too well right now.

#1 Chicago vs. #5 Los Angeles

Why Chicago will win – There isn’t a team in the NHL with a better top four than Toews, Kane, Shark, and Hossa.  No, not even Pittsburgh.

Why Los Angeles will win – There isn’t a team left in the playoffs with a better defense and goaltender.

The Pick – Chicago in 7 – I think the Detroit series woke Chicago up a little bit and when both of these teams play their best, I think Chicago comes out on top every time.

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