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Sabres Pominville Still Believes In 2012-2013 Season Success


The 2012-2013 Buffalo Sabres look to be down and out, except in the eyes of their captain, Jason Pominville. Despite the regular season having ended, with the Sabres finishing 12th in the Eastern Conference and missing the playoffs, and despite the fact that he was traded to the Minnesota Wild, Pominville is confident that the Sabres can get it together.


Pictured: the kind of post I’m writing.

Someone who swore they were Jason Pominville met with BBG staff via rotary phone during a fever dream last night and gave us an interview. This allows us to justify ourselves to the Grand Poo-Bah of sports journalism in Buffalo, laying it at his altar in an effort to appease his righteous and vindictive ego.



BBG: Jason…the season is actually over at this point. You are no longer on the Sabres. You were traded for two young players and a draft pick. How can you possibly be optimistic for Buffalo’s chances to make it into the playoffs when the playoffs have already started.

Pominville: It’s a matter right now of winning battles. We’ve got to dig in, I know it looks tough, but we’ve got the guys in this room to get the job done. We just have to do our jobs.

BBG: Yes, but when you say ‘this room’ you of course realize that you’re actually in a different room now.

Pominville: It feels like that, doesn’t it? It feels like none of us are on the same page, that we’re all in different rooms. But I was saying to Lindy earlier today, y’know, that we’ve got what it takes. We just have to listen to him and buy in to the system and it’ll work itself out from there.

BBG: Lindy. Lindy Ruff was fired back in February. It’s May. Why are you still taking cues from Lindy Ruff?

Pominville: Well he believes. He believes that we have what it takes. And when you’ve got a voice like that, with the experience and knowledge he brings, you can get behind it and know that you can dig yourself out of any hole. Y’know, even if the season is over, as you say, we can still get back into it.

BBG: But you actually can’t. You didn’t. The season proved that.

Pominville: Right, so now it’s just a matter of winning those battles. Playing for sixty minutes and coming out on top.

BBG: Right but there aren’t sixty more minutes to the season. There isn’t even one more minute to this season. The season’s over.

Pominville: That’s what they’ll have you believe. But at this point I’ve got a job to do. It’s in Minnesota, sure, but I’ve got to knuckle down and do my job out here so that Millsy and Staffy and Enzo can get it done and we can get it done for the fans. That’s why we’re here.

BBG: But, again, you’re not here.

Pominville: That’s right, we’re not where we need to be. We’re on the outside looking in. But we’ve got the best support and I believe in this team, and it’s just a matter of getting it done.

Done indeed.

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