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Vulgar Opinions: You Don’t Own The Cup


Original six dog turds

You don’t own the cup.  No one does.  Not the original six dog turds, not the Canadian teams, not northern teams.  The NHL is a meritocracy and the only team that owns the cup is the one that goes out and earns it each year.

Hockey fans are basically the world’s worst hipsters.  They brag about how great their sport is and complain that no one’s watching, and the when other people do watch, and don’t do it their way, they act like this is the biggest offense in the world.  And while Hockey fans might not touch the elitist douchebaggery and thinly veiled superiority complexes of long time soccer fans, they make every effort to get as close as possible.

Because the best way to grow the sport is to constantly remind newcomers how shitty and dumb they are.  (How shitty and dumb they might actually act notwithstanding.)

The cold hard truth is that almost every hockey franchise has experienced both success and failure in the past decade in terms of the fans.  Since 1990, twenty-five teams have been in the bottom ten in attendance (excluding Detroit, Montreal, NYR, Philadelphia, and Toronto) and twenty-six teams have been in the top ten (excluding Atlanta, Carolina, NJD, and NYI).  And most of that latter group can chalk their woes up to shitty ownership.  How, as Buffalo fans, can we not empathize with that?

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  1. cdr permalink
    04/28/13 12:05 AM

    Man, I’m a fan of both hockey and soccer. I must be insufferable.

    • 04/28/13 12:53 PM

      Haha, I am too, but I’m new to Soccer and some of the old die hards have been insufferable.

  2. Hipsta permalink
    07/16/13 3:11 AM

    Remember when buffalo thought they were the new hockey town LOL

  3. 07/16/13 3:13 AM

    Still are, guess you missed the out of market cup finals TV ratings.

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