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Jochen Hecht Retires


Following tonight’s victory over the Islanders, Jochen Hecht made the decision I was hoping he would make last season, given his concussion issues and the fact that there are so, so many things more important than hockey.  Citing commitments to his family, Hecht has decided to hang up the skates in North America and return to his native Germany.

While Hecht has, at times, drawn my ire as much as any other under-performing Sabre over the years (and there have been many of them), my support of him has never wavered unlike some of those who are going to whitewash their feelings for him in writing about him tonight.

Jochen Hecht was always a Sabre lacking any sort of flash, other than his penchant for backhands.  For this reason his successes have mostly been forgotten and his mistakes magnified.  He exemplifies the word solid, proficient in many areas and excelling in very few.  Oh, he also did this once:

And this:

I enjoyed watching Hecht, mostly because so many didn’t.  But rather than point fingers, I will leave you with a video of him making a future hall of famer look stupid.

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