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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 11


Tired of emotional, judgmental, personally biased power rankings from ESPN “writers” that don’t have my pedigree?  Fret no longer, here are my stats-based power rankings.  How do they work?

I rank each team 1-15 in the conference in 5 categories:

  • Points Percentage
  • Goals for per Game
  • Goals allowed per Game
  • Power Play Percentage
  • Penalty Kill Percentage

And then I sum those rankings.  Lowest score wins.  And as a team’s record becomes a truer measure of that team’s overall skill as the season wears on, that category will grow in weight.

Who I think It’ll Be:


  1. Pittsburgh – Has obviously clinched and barring an epic disaster, will hold onto one of the top two spots.
  2. Montreal – They don’t feel like a better team than Boston, but they are playing like one.
  3. Washington – Out of the only two Southeast teams that are legitimate playoff contenders at this point, they’re the better one.
  4. Boston – It’s a shame they have to finish below the Southeast cannon fodder.
  5. NY Rangers – I like their recent pickups providing depth scoring, something they sorely needed.
  6. Toronto – I think Ottawa’s injuries will continue to relegate them to 7th or 8th.
  7. Ottawa – See above.  Don’t trust Craig Anderson in the playoffs one bit, even if he has had a few nice moments.
  8. NY Islanders – They have too many solid pieces in place to piss away a playoff spot.


  1. Chicago – A foregone conclusion top seed at this point.  Don’t they feel a little like the 06-07 Sabres though?
  2. Anaheim – See above.
  3. Vancouver – Ahh, the Southeast of the west.
  4. Los Angeles – I think St. Louis is better, but LA is dealing with fewer issues at the moment.
  5. St. Louis – I thought they would challenge Chicago a little bit more.  Credit the goaltending completely falling apart for that.
  6. San Jose – As the top line goes, so do the Sharks.
  7. Minnesota – Too much talent.
  8. Detroit – Even though I wish it wouldn’t be so.
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