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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 4


Tired of emotional, judgmental, personally biased power rankings from ESPN “writers” that don’t have my pedigree?  Fret no longer, here are my stats-based power rankings.  How do they work?

I rank each team 1-15 in the conference in 5 categories:

  • Points Percentage
  • Goals for per Game
  • Goals allowed per Game
  • Power Play Percentage
  • Penalty Kill Percentage

And then I sum those rankings.  Lowest score wins.  And as a team’s record becomes a truer measure of that team’s overall skill as the season wears on, that category will grow in weight.

This week I’m going to do contender, pretender, late bloomer, and true sucker.

Eastern Conference

  • Contender: It’s hard to bet against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Not only are they hitting on all cylinders, but they have two of the best players in the league.
  • Pretender: So many choices.  I just don’t think the Devils are that good.
  • Late Bloomer: I think we all know the Rangers are better than this, fun though it may be to watch them fail.
  • True Sucker: Florida bottoms out and all is right with the universe again.

Western Conference

  • Contender: The Chicago Blackhawks are for real.
  • Pretender: The Anaheim Ducks are not.
  • Late Bloomer: Los Angeles…again.  Although maybe they just don’t care as much.
  • True Sucker: It says a lot about Columbus to be significantly better than last season, and still in a comfortable last place.
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