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Vulgar Opinions: Media Professionalism And Injuries


Most of you that follow me on Twitter have probably seen the lengthy discussion I had on this, but just to recap:

Monday afternoon, Mike Schopp of WGR tweetedOn a lighter note, wasn’t it great Sunday to see Brad Marchand get hurt?” which is the exact kind of mongoloid thinking that sets player safety back eons.  (One wonders if Paul Hamilton, who vowed to block anyone that makes light of an injury, will extend that courtesy to his colleague.  My guess is no.)  It’s stunning how often guys like Schopp play to my narrative that they overtly try to appeal to the lowest common denominator of sports fans.

I’m not going to put myself on a pedestal and say I’ve never been there.  I can remember applauding as a kid, the days Troy Aikman (concussions) and Michael Irvin (neck injury) decided that playing football was not worth further damaging their bodies.  I’ve probably been there more recently than that (although I would point out there is a difference in feeling less bad when dumb or dirty players get hurt), but given what we now know about concussions and CTE, and the sort of long term effects that even minor injuries can have, I think enough is enough.

In fact, I kind of hate it when players I don’t like get hurt because I feel bad for crapping on them, and I don’t want their fans to be able to make any excuses should we play and beat them.  After all, no one wants to be the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes.



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