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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings, Week 2


Tired of emotional, judgmental, personally biased power rankings from ESPN “writers” that don’t have my pedigree?  Fret no longer, here are my stats-based power rankings.  How do they work?

I rank each team 1-15 in the conference in 5 categories:

  • Points Percentage
  • Goals for per Game
  • Goals allowed per Game
  • Power Play Percentage
  • Penalty Kill Percentage

And then I sum those rankings.  Lowest score wins.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • I think Tampa Bay is pretty good, but Ottawa is a mystery.  For a second straight season, their additions were uninspiring, and yet they’re right behind Boston in the divisional hunt.  Granted the special teams and Craig Anderson are playing way above themselves right now.
  • New Jersey Devils, you can be terrible anytime now.  Seriously, everyone is sick of you.
  • Shocked the Sabres end up 8th.  I don’t think they’re very good.
  • Vancouver, Chicago, and San Jose are leading their divisions.  Just the way I drew it up.
  • Holy cow Columbus is much improved.
  • Holy cow that still means they’re terrible.
  • Barring injuries, Chicago, Vancouver, St. Louis, and San Jose will finish 1-4 in some order and all win their playoff series.
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