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Vulgar Opinions: Panthers @ Sabres (2-3-13) Stars and Black Holes


I used to do this piece over on my personal blog before I shut it down, and then again on Twitter, but that didn’t leave much room for discussion.  So I’m bringing it here, the Criminally Vulgar Stars and Black Holes of the game!  This year, I’m adding new wrinkles, the Unsung Hero, and the Unseen Goat.  As always, first, second and third stars get players a +3, +2, and +1 respectively, and the black holes do the opposite.  Unsung Hero and Unseen Goat will be +/- 1.


  1. Thomas Vanek – A three point game from Hodgson aside, he is just dragging this team along at this point.
  2. Cody Hodgson – It feels like he looks better every game.
  3. Jason Pominville – I honestly can’t think of anyone else to put here.

Unsung Hero(es):

  • Tyler Myers – Who didn’t do anything overtly terrible.  I think we have to let Myers freewheel a little bit.  He seems like one of those guys that gets better when he has more to do and when he has to move more.  I think, with his poor start, he’s focusing too much on one phase or another which is causing him to ‘think’ or hesitate.  I saw him skating up into the offensive zone a lot, and I think that allows him to play instinctively a bit more.  Plus with his stride, skating ability, and reach, he’s a guy I think you can be okay with chasing (back into the d-zone) every once in a while.

Black Holes:

  1. Alexander Sulzer – After a solid start to the year, he was hot garbage tonight.
  2. Drew Stafford, Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno – They are the other guys that are supposed to be producing.  I’m sick of saying, “well Stafford looked good tonight,” and seeing zeroes on the stat sheet.
  3. At this point I can’t comment on anyone else besides Lindy Ruff.  Jochen Hecht had two more minutes of icetime than Pominville and Vanek because he was matched against Florida’s premier offensive talent?  Outside of having to kill 10 penalties, there is no scenario that should have Foligno and Hecht leading the forwards in icetime by two and three minutes.

Unseen Goat:

  • None this time.


Awarding +3, +2, +1, +1, and minus the same for the stars and black holes:

  1. Thomas Vanek (+18)
  2. Jason Pominville (+10)
  3. Steve Ott (+3)
  4. Christian Ehrhoff (+3)
  5. Mike Weber (+3)
  6. Robyn Regehr (+2)
  7. Ryan Miller (+2)
  8. Mikhail Grigorenko (+1)
  9. Marcus Foligno (0)
  10. Jochen Hecht (0)
  11. Andrej Sekera (0)
  12. Matt Ellis (0)
  13. T.J. Brennan (0)
  14. Ville Leino (0)
  15. Cody McCormick (0)
  16. Jhonas Enroth (-1)
  17. Cody Hodgson (-1)
  18. Alexander Sulzer (-2)
  19. John Scott (-2)
  20. Patrick Kaleta (-2)
  21. Nathan Gerbe (-3)
  22. Tyler Ennis (-4)
  23. Drew Stafford (-5)
  24. Jordan Leopold (-8)
  25. Tyler Myers (-15)
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