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Vulgar Opinions: Our Garbage Media, Part ‘I Lost Count’


I’m probably the idiot here for getting suckered into talking about something Bucky Gleason said, but so be it.  It illustrates a problem that is prevalent in many Buffalo media types, and seems to have all but taken over The Buffalo News in particular.  There is a thought that the opinions of said media members are unchallengeable because of their access, or their years covering the sport, or because their name is Mike, Bucky, Jerry, Mike, or “Bulldog.”  Take Mr. Gleason on Twitter this afternoon:

  • Years ago. RT @Real_BBolt: SPOILER ALERT: @TBNbucky thinks Darcy should be fired 
  • RT @TBNbucky @tbnsports it’s time for Pegula to start acting like the #Sabres owner and stop acting like a #Sabres fan. #WeNeedaChange
  • “@RickyPov: In 4 games, Zack Kassian has as many goals (3) for Vancouver as he did last year playing 27 games in the #System. #Buffalo
  • I see it didn’t take long for the claws to come out for R&R and #sabres. Where are the apologists? Very quiet.
  • You forgot the I-R. Who’s going nuts? Not me RT @TrendingBuffalo: .@BNHarrington @TBNbucky Perhaps “apologists”= rational people.
  • Apologist doesnt equal fan, in my book. It equals delusional fan. It’s like always sticking up for gov’t when gov’t should be challenged.
  • Any chance you’re missing the point? Yes. RT @TrendingBuffalo: @TBNbucky Nobody needs to “apologize” for 2-2.”
  • I’m not trying to get yours. Why would you think I care? @TrendingBuffalo: .@TBNbucky Maybe I’m missing yours and you’re missing mine.
  • @TrendingBuffalo I have better things to do, such as exercise. Feel free to pick a fight with someone else. I can’t be bothered.

You can hop onto Twitter and follow the various conversations if you want, although it’s probably a waste of your time.  (As is writing this, but here we are.)  There is a fundamental resistance over at TBN, and to a lesser extent, WGR that their opinions can’t be challenged because of who they are, and that engaging with readers and fans (of the team, not of the people) is somehow beneath them and a waste of their time.

Which tells you why they consistently put out garbage that only appeals to the lowest common denominator of senior citizens that can’t be bothered to figure out the internet.  When you have trouble connecting with people as a human being, you’re typically (not always, see Salinger, Watterson) going to have trouble connecting with them as a writer.  And that is their job, no matter how much they want to deny it, or frame it as something else.

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