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Vulgar Opinions: Hurricanes @ Sabres (1-25-13) Stars and Black Holes


I used to do this piece over on my personal blog before I shut it down, and then again on Twitter, but that didn’t leave much room for discussion.  So I’m bringing it here, the Criminally Vulgar Stars and Black Holes of the game!  This year, I’m adding new wrinkles, the Unsung Hero, and the Unseen Goat.  As always, first, second and third stars get players a +3, +2, and +1 respectively, and the black holes do the opposite.  Unsung Hero and Unseen Goat will be +/- 1.


  1. Thomas Vanek – Will someone else please contribute to the offense?  A goal, and 6 shots.
  2. Ryan Miller – Miller is the reason I’m feeling pretty good about the Sabres, regardless of how well Enroth plays.  If Jhonas can break even, I think they’ll be in good shape.
  3. Andrej Sekera – While Myers has faltered, Sekera has been solid this season.  He led the Sabres in icetime with 22:18 and had 3 SOG.

Unsung Hero:

Jochen Hecht – Got handled at the dot, but contributed 3:40 of short handed icetime, most on the team by almost 30 seconds.

Black Holes:

  1. Tyler Ennis, Drew Stafford, Marcus Foligno – Where are you?

Unseen Goat:

  • Tyler Ennis – This might as well be the rotating faceoff item.  2-10 on the night.  Him and Hodgson can’t keep playing musical faceoff suck.  They don’t have to be great, but 4-8, 5-7, come on.

I’ll wait until we’re a few games in before I start posting a leaderboard.  Enjoy.

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  1. Sam permalink
    01/25/13 11:01 PM

    What’s wrong with Myers? Just doesn’t look good. And why didn’t we see much of 25 tonight? Was on the brink last night and lil ice time tonight….

  2. 01/25/13 11:28 PM

    Myers looks like he’s thinking too much. Lindy said he wanted a more defensive forward in the top 9 to handle the Canes’ center depth.

    • Sam permalink
      01/26/13 7:56 AM

      And how the hell to they fix face offs… What are they trending in the 30% range on face offs? Do we have any old retired players we can bring in for a face off clinic for these kids? Peca. Patty La? I don’t know someone please help these kids win a draw….

      • Dan permalink*
        01/26/13 9:25 AM

        They should trade a first round pick for a faceoff specialist like Nashville did last year kthnxbai.

      • 01/26/13 12:14 PM

        I actually posted a vid on this.

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