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Vulgar Opinions: Sabres @ Hurricanes (1-24-13) Stars and Black Holes


I used to do this piece over on my personal blog before I shut it down, and then again on Twitter, but that didn’t leave much room for discussion.  So I’m bringing it here, the Criminally Vulgar Stars and Black Holes of the game!  This year, I’m adding new wrinkles, the Unsung Hero, and the Unseen Goat.  As always, first, second and third stars get players a +3, +2, and +1 respectively, and the black holes do the opposite.  Unsung Hero and Unseen Goat will be +/- 1.


  1. Jason Pominville – At this point, it’s a broken record.  The top line is a nightmare for other teams to defend.  He also had 7 shots on goal.  Yikes.
  2. Thomas Vanek – The backhand pass to Pominville was nightmare fuel for defensemen.  To make that tight a play in that small a window
  3. Robyn Regehr – Another solid night killing penalties, and an assist to boot.

Unsung Hero:

Jochen Hecht – 6-5 on faceoffs on a truly dreadful faceoff team.  2:37 on the penalty kill.  He might be the best fourth liner in the league.  (Hooray?)

Black Holes:

  1. Tyler Myers – It wasn’t all bad, but the bad was really bad.
  2. Cody Hodgson – Scored a goal, was at fault on at least two.  He needs to work on his faceoffs, 4-14 is just unacceptable.  At least Tyler Ennis had a period of time where he wasn’t expected to be a center, what’s Hodgson’s excuse?
  3. Jhonas Enroth – I won’t kill him, but he wasn’t good.

Unseen Goat:

  • Tyler Ennis – He was also a -2 on on the day.  He’s generally been good this season, but his line isn’t scoring.  I think part of the reason is that teams are forcing the puck away from him, which limits that line’s playmaking ability.

I’ll wait until we’re a few games in before I start posting a leaderboard.  Enjoy.

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