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Vulgar Opinions: Your Announcer Sucks


As you should already be well aware, the Sabres longtime play by play man Rick Jeanneret was recently honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame.  So let us take a moment to examine the evidence as to why he is vastly superior to 27 other NHL announcers, those clowns in Anaheim and that kindergartner that regularly gets into the box in Boston.

Are you ready?

For me it always starts with Snow vs. Shields, the ultimate goalie fight, and probably RJ’s best call besides you know what.

Although my favorite part of RJ’s calls have to be some of the noises he makes.

Or when he gets so excited he just yells.

He almost never seems taken aback, even when weird stuff happens.

And the man is always great in great moments.

And of course, who could forget…

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  1. Sam permalink
    11/13/12 4:08 PM

    I miss hockey….

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