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Vulgar Statistics: The Worst Post Lockout-Contracts Poll


In the absence of any hockey-related fun going on, and in the wake of a tortuously slow free agency season, I have decided to compile a bracket of what I deemed to be the worst post-lockout contracts.  Because there’s little more entertain than making fun of crappy hockey players…and you get to vote too!

A few caveats before I get to the bracket (arbitrarily organized by me of course!) and the first set of matchups.  I kept the statistical basis simple.  I tend to stay away from advanced stats because they cater to a very specific niche of mathematically inclined hockey fans and I want our reach to be broader than that.  Thus my list was generated based on two observations: “they paid who, what?!” and “holy crap this guy signed a huge deal then tanked.”  This also led me to focus on the larger deals?  Are Cody McCormick’s and Paul Gaustad’s deals drastic overpayments?  Yes. Do they belong on a list with players making five times as much?  No.

So without further adieu, the bracket (which I will link to due to its size) and the first set of match-ups.  Feel free to vote in the comments, on Twitter, or by yelling as you drive by my house.  Voting will be open for approximately three days, at which point we will move on to the next matchup.

Round 1:

1). Scott Gomez


16). Martin Havlat

The Case for Gomez:  I think I’ll leave that in the capable hands of this website.  Enough said.

The Case for Havlat:  Havlat was a pretty consistent 20 goal scorer before the lockout until he got in some injury trouble.  Still he rebounded to score 77 points in 2008-2009 for which the Minnesota Wild saw fit to reward him with a $5M payday good for six years.  His high since, 22-40-62 in 2o10-2011 and he once again struggled with injuries last season logging only 39 games.

My Vote: Are you kidding?  It’s Gomez.

8). Vincent Lecavalier


9). Michal Roszival

The Case for Lecavalier: Eleven years at $7.1 million with a truckload of evidence that he was rapidly falling away from the player he once was.  Forty-nine points last year from a guy who was widely regarded as one of the best in the league a few short seasons ago?  Ouch.

The Case for Roszival:  It’s hard to peg d-men on a list like this considering that they’re responsible for things besides picking up points, but just remember this: The Coyotes rewarded Roszival with a 4 year $5M contract in 2008-2009.  One of the best d-men in the league at the time?  Michal Roszival?  No.

My Vote: Lecavalier going away.  It was pretty evident when he signed his contract that he was starting to fade.  Good job Tampa Bay.

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  1. Sam permalink
    07/24/12 7:17 PM

    Gomez. Cause I just don’t like him. And vinny. Cause that’s a lotta cash for a fading star…

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