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3 Tidbits About The Draft You May Have Missed


Being that I was in Erie, PA for another heated installment of the EC Derby (FC Buffalo vs Erie Admirals…#HateErie) for round 1 and worked during rounds 2 through 7, BBG hasn’t had any draft coverage to speak of. In lieu of another traditional recap, here are three tasty morsels you may have missed in the flurry of coverage these past few days.

1. Stars & Stripes Forever

With a Captain America leading the team again, the Sabres continue to get more and more American even as they selected three Euros for the first time in what feels like forever.

2. Addressing Needs

The Sabres needed centers and, by jove, they got centers. If you refer to the graphic found below, the pivot is now the Sabres’ most populous prospect position.

3. Size Matters

Image courtesy of Kris Baker/Sabres Prospects

The Sabres continue to get bigger, with mobility in their draftees second only to size. Of note, the organization has some big boys minding the crease.

Black & Blue & Gold will return with coverage of Prospect Development camp! (UPDATE: Black & Blue & Gold returned earlier than expected with another tidbits post, this time featuring choice tweets by Slava Malamud quoting Mikhail Grigorenko)

For a traditional entry draft recap, read “Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang: Sabres add size, balance down middle” over at Sabres Prospects. Kris Baker is the undisputed champion of Sabres prospect and draft coverage, and his recap fails to disappoint.


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