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Vulgar Statistics: Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Two!


Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the big giant Black and Blue and Gold (in name) 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Vulgar Statistics Post.  I want to make sure nothing is missed for you ‘tl;dr-ers’ so I’m offering up a table of contents before we get into the good stuff.

This Article Will Include:

  1. Playoff Power Rankings
  2. The Second Round Matchups
  3. Standings For the First Annual BBG Playoff Pool


Small sample size is skewing this quite a bit which is why I decided to pit all the teams against one another. I wouldn’t bee fooled by Los Angeles’s high ranking, they’re bolstered quite a bit by their record in close games and their one overtime win. Still, beating the Canucks is nothing to scoff at. My biggest surprises from round 1:

New York – That they seemed ill-equipped to match the compete of an Ottawa team that is mediocre at bes and didn’t have a single instance in which they just piled goals on Craig Anderson, master of almost, but not winning playoff serieses (apparently).

Philadelphia – That they beat the ever-loving snot out of the Penguins. I’m not sure how much they won it and how much the Penguins lost it. Once Pittsburgh jumped ahead in game one, they started to act like they were destined to win the cup and forgot that they had to earn it.

New Jersey – Actually not a lot. Even though they piled up points in a good division, I didn’t think they were worlds better than a bad Panthers team and it showed.

Washington – That they actually seem serious about committing to a defensive game. Still, taking on the Rangers will be vastly different than taking on a punchless Bruins squad.

St. Louis – Literally nothing. They are who I thought they were. I tweeted early on in the first overtime of game one that it didn’t even matter who won, the Blues were going to wear the Sharks down and beat them into submission either way. And look what came in handy in the playoffs…the Blues penchant for hard-working, ugly goals as they enter the second round the second highest scoring team behind Philadelphia.

Phoenix – Where do you even begin? Radim Vrbata, Ray Whitney? Mike Frigging Smith? Wow.

Nashville – I thought Detroit’s elite players would give them a harder time, though I guess it helps if you slam one of their heads into the glass a few times…

Los Angeles – In retrospect, I feel really stupid for not picking the Kings. I think they’re loads better than their regular season record, and the Sedin injury (in my opinion) made them an obvious first round upset pick.


My Picks

New York over Washington in 6 – Washington showed me more in the first round, but I think the Rangers are just better.

Philadelphia over New Jersey in 5 – New Jersey just flat out isn’t good enough.

St. Louis over Los Angeles in 6 – This goes one of two ways, either every game is close and low scoring, or the Blues continue to prove that they’re better than everyone else at every position.

Nashville over Phoenix in 7 – Phoenix making me regret this in 5…4…


  1. @jmsexauer – 28 points (7-1)
  2. @MotzQuotes – 21 points (5-3)
  3. @CriminallyVu1ga – 21 points (5-3)
  4. @PhilBBG – 16 points (5-3)
  5. @buffalo620 – 15 points (4-4)
  6. @MarkMiller30 – 15 points (4-4)
  7. @eduva16 – 15 points (4-4)
  8. @StephanieZD – 13 points (3-5)
  9. @CarlHatt – 10 points (3-5)
2 Comments leave one →
  1. 04/27/12 7:49 PM

    St. Louis in 5
    Nashville in 6
    Philly in 6
    NYR in 5

  2. Carl permalink
    05/13/12 1:40 PM

    Forgot to do Round 2…whoops. Kings in 6 and Devils in 7

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