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Vulgar Opinions: Sabres Season Awards


I figured that since the Sabres have done their annual awards now, that I might as well do it too.  Because what’s a good idea until it’s stolen and redone?

The Typical:

Star of the Year (MVP): Can it be anyone other than Jason Pominville?

Rookie of the Year: Marcus Foligno.  I didn’t want to give it to him since he’s played so few games, but what he’s done is nothing short of stunning.

Unsung Hero: Jordan Leopold.  It feels like he’s been our best defenseman for all but five games.  Not many seem to be talking about it though.

Some New Ones:

Ian Laperriere Toughest MF-er Award: Thomas Vanek/Patick Kaleta – Kaleta gets a lot of flak for constantly missing games due to injury, but the dude probably gets punished more than any other Sabre aside from Thomas Vanek.  Speaking of Vanek, dude has played with torn ligaments, internal bleeding, a broken finger, and bruised ribs…and that’s just what we know about.  I don’t know where else you go from there.

Paul Bissonette Twitter All Star Award: Jhonas Enroth.  Who saw that coming, anyone?

Brad May Best Moment Award: Jason Pominville snatching Alexander Ovechkin’s jock and skating off into the good night with it.  The Caps may have beat out the Sabres for the playoffs this year, but the teams feel like they’re heading in opposite directions.

Black Hole of the Year Award: Derek Roy, so many times.

Most Surprising Moment: Deadline day.  A first for Paul Gaustad, Cody Hodgson?  Is this Christmas?

Least Surprising Moment: No 30 goal repeat for Drew Stafford.  I think Stafford came into a decent season, and you have to wonder how much of his struggles were based on having to play with Derek Roy and Ville Leino.  Still, I don’t think he’ll ever hit 30 again.

Gesture of the Year: Jason Pominville and his spot with You Can Play.

Most Fitting Ending: Dog turd loss to Boston to end it all.  See you later 2012.

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  1. 04/09/12 1:30 PM

    I was as dissappointed as anyone to miss the playoffs, but there a lot of positives coming out of the last 2 months.
    -Pominville’s rock steadiness when it seemed everyone else quit in Jan/Feb (deserves the captaincy)
    -Ryan Miller reasserting the fact that he’s still a very good goalie when he’s not concussed and has good defense in front of him. Which leads me to…
    – Tyler Myers and Erhoff emerging as a shut-down defensive pair.
    – Tyler Ennis emerging as the center we need AND the center we deserve
    -Extra first round pick
    -Cody Hodgson and Sulzer for Zack C and I guy who I now can’t remember 😉
    – Derek Roy’s better play towards the end of the season (I note this as a positive becuase it might entice some foolish GM’s to actually make a trade bid for this guys).

    I don’t think I’m spinning the facts with that list, there really was a lot of good that seemed to solidify at the end. Looking forward to the draft and next October…Go Sabres!

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