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Vulgar Opinions: Milan Lucic – All Bark And No Bite


A few months ago I made the observation that the Bruins might be a fairly intimidating team with Chara, Lucic, and Thornton, but I don’t think they’re actually all that tough.  Then the NHL decided to prove me right as teams took turns putting a hurting on the Bruins.  Now I’m turning my focus onto one of those players, a guy who I think gets far more credit as a “tough guy” than he actually deserves.

I’m talking about Milan Lucic, runner of goaltenders, sucker puncher of guys after the whistle from behind an official.  Milan Lucic is widely regarded as one of the scariest human beings on the ice sans gloves.  Meh.  I think he’s average, having made a history of either fighting guys smaller than himself, or guys that aren’t typical fighters.

If you look back three seasons Milan Lucic’s average opponent is 1.3 inches shorter, 11 pounds lighter, and averages 9 fights a year.  Not exactly elite NHL enforcing talent.  The only two players that Lucic has fought that are actually bigger than himself in that span (Carkner and Komisarek, both this season) have a grand total of four fights to their names in the 2011-2012 campaign.  The only enforcer Lucic has squared off against this season is Brandon Prust (19 fights this season), who is dwarfed by Lucic by 4 inches and 36 pounds.

Not that I can blame Lucic, the last time he tried to hold his own against larger, more experienced fighters was 2009-2010 when he fought Jared Boll, Adam Mair, and Colton Orr (who Lucic still has by an average of 1.67″ and 9 pounds).  According to Hockey Fights, Lucic lost all three of those fights.  Peep his bout against Orr and you’ll learn why he doesn’t pick on anyone his own size anymore:



I think if the teams that have the size to stand up to Lucic actually do so, he’ll fold like a lawn chair.

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  1. 02/06/13 7:23 PM

    Lucic doesn`t live up to the “fighter code”….I`m sure everyone remembers him beating up Mike Komisarek pretty bad and then SHOWBOATING around the ice…which I beleive is a NO NO with fighters in the NHL. (This was when Mike K. was with the Habs.) George Laraque challenged him on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS!!!!!! (George is very close in size) Lucic CHICKENED OUT BOTH TIMES!!!! B

  2. 10/02/13 8:49 PM

    Orr is a total psycho, but this article is garbage, and so are you. Lucic isn’t in the league to be an enforcer. He is a power forward who will fight AND score 20-30 goals a year. Let me guess – you’re a Habs fan? ~~~Homophobia Removed~~~

  3. 10/02/13 9:03 PM

    Just looked at your profile and see you’re a Sabres fan. That’s all I needed to know. The Bruins own the Sabres and have for a while and will continue to dominate them as long as the Sabres continue to have piss poor defense and a head case for a goalie. Way to be completely transparent by picking on the team that consistently dominates you and keeps you out of the playoffs. You are a joke, much like the Sabres (aside from Vanek, who is too good to be wasting away in Buffalo)

  4. Ryan permalink
    10/03/13 12:27 PM

    Remember when Sabres tough guy Paul Gaustad had to stand up for the whole team and got absolutely destroyed? Hey at least you have John Scott now to fall over himself for 3 minutes a night and take 5-10 PIM.

  5. Dan permalink*
    10/03/13 12:28 PM

    How dare you say that the guy who loses fights to people his own size loses fights to people his own size? Don’t you know he scores 20 – 30 goals per season for two seasons back in 2010 – 2012. No I don’t count the years he scored in single digits and projecting his totals in a partial season is accurate as all hell.

    Of course we get to hear about how he’s a boxer and a fighter whenever he fights people smaller than him. You’re just hating on the Bruins because the Bruins DOMINATE the Sabres (8-9-0 over the last 3 seasons bro).

    And at least the Bruins goalies aren’t renowned head cases.

    ~~~Homophobia Removed~~~

    • Brody permalink
      10/20/14 12:39 AM

      ROTFLMAO I love the fact that Milan lucic has single-handedly destroyed the Sabres organization. That one hit on Miller precipitated the GM to make trades to bring in guys like Steve Ott, to make the team tougher. They traded away their skill guys, and changed their roster.
      Regarding Lucic’s fighting ability, he fought Luke Gazdic, Joel Rechlicz, Matt Carkner, Raitis Ivanans, John Erskine twice, Matt Spiller, Wade Brookbank, Jordan Nolan, Ryan Clowe, Jay Harrison, Jay Rosehill, Keith Aulie, Phil Oreskovic, and many other guys who are his size or bigger.
      Your entire premise is idiotic. How many guys has George Laraque ever fought who were bigger than he was? Half of Lucic’s opponents were his size or bigger. BGL can’t say the same thing.

      • 11/09/14 4:45 PM

        Lucic average opponent – 6’2.4″, 217.4 pounds
        Laraque average opponent – 6’3.4″, 231.6 pounds

        Don’t be dumb.

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