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Video Review: Hurricanes @ Sabres 3.7.12


Goal 1 – Jaroslav Spacek from Jamie McBain and Jussi Jokinen (Hurricanes 1-0)

The main issue is that Leino loses the draw cleanly to McBain.  Leino just takes a swipe at it.  On the defensive zone faceoffs, he needs to get his body in there to create time for the wingers to get out to the point.  Gerbe does a pretty good job getting out to Spacek, but the shot gets by him and Miller for the first goal of the game.

Goal 2 – Tyler Myers from Patrick Kaleta and Jordan Leopold  (Tied 1-1)

The rush is a little broken when Myers loses the puck, but Kaleta shoves it back to him.  Anytime Kaleta is involved in a rush of any sort, look for him to just look straight ahead and crash the net.  He does so and creates some havoc in front for the puck to pinball around.  Great job by both Kaleta and Gerbe.

Goal 3 – Thomas Vanek from Christian Ehrhoff and Jason Pominville (Sabres 2-1)

I normally don’t like Vanek just standing in front of the net on the PP.  It lends to the outer players to just stand there and pass around.  I would prefer him to be part of the passing/movement and just not take a punishment in front.  However, the Hurricanes didn’t get the memo and leave Vanek just standing in front allowing him to hack away at the rebounds.

Goal 4 – Chad LaRose from Jeff Skinner (Tied 2-2)

Ouch, Mike Weber.   You just let Skinner skate around you at the red line.  Now instead of a 2 on 2, it’s a 2 on 1.  Regehr does a semi-flop to try and take away the pass to LaRose, but is unsuccessful.  Not much else to say other than Weber needs to be better and play a sound game, much like Sulzer has shown.

Goal 5 – Jason Pominville form Christian Ehrhoff and Thomas Vanek (Sabres 3-2, OT)

See how much better the PP flows when there isn’t a dedicated player in front of the net?  Granted this is a 4 on 3, but with both puck and player movement, it allows for goals from outside the defenders box.  Keeping the puck to the outside is an important part to any teams PK.  Vanek does eventually go to the front, but only after the puck reaches the point.  Pominville receives the pass from Ehrhoff and just blows it by Ward.

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