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Video Review: Sabres @ Canucks 3.3.12


Goal 1 – Ville Leino from Patrick Kaleta and Nathan Gerbe  (Sabres 1-0)

Yay!  I get to pick on Zack Kassian!  Zack, take some initiative and grab that puck on the blue line instead of waiting for a pass from a ghost player.  Even worse, he could’ve just taken it away from Gerbe.  Instead Gerbe takes the puck back and passes it over to Kaleta, who sort of miffs a pass to Leino.  Leino finds the open ice and rockets one passed Luongo.

Goal 2 – Ville Leino from Patrick Kaleta and Tyler Myers  (Sabres 2-0)

Kaleta had the magic stick tonight.  Another flip flop play ends up in a goal.  Kaleta just throws it on net, which is never a bad play when the goalie doesn’t have a stick.  Luongo makes a broom ball sort of punch at the puck.  The puck ends up right on Leino’s stick and Leino just shoots the puck into the open net.

Goal 3 – Brad Boyes from Corey Tropp  (Sabres 3-0)

Awesome hustle from Matt Ellis to create the turnover behind the net.  The puck comes to Tropp and he passes it out to Boyes, who is all alone out front.  Where are all of the Canucks?  There is no collapse to cover the Sabres forwards.  Boyes shoots it passed Luongo and are successful in chasing him in the first 6 minutes of the game.

Goal 4 – David Booth from Alexandre Burrows and Kevin Bieksa (Sabres 3-1)

Sabres on the PK.   Other than Roy running around, the Sabres are in good position in the PK.  I also would’ve liked to see Ehrhoff block the pass out front to Booth.  I’m not quite sure that he knew Booth was there for the one timer right back at Miller.  Just more communication and awareness would’ve helped.

Goal 5 – Christian Ehrhoff from Brad Boyes and Matt Ellis  (Sabres 4-1)

It’s nice being lucky some of the time.  Ehrhoff shoots it on net (surprise!), and it deflects off of Rome’s skate.  Not much that Schneider or the Canucks could’ve done on this one.  Lucky for the Sabres, terrible luck for the Canucks.

Goal 6 – David Booth from Zack Kassian (Sabres 4-2)

Sloppy play here by Myers and Leopold.  Leopold just backhands it towards Myers on the boards, and Myers loses the puck to Kesler.  Both defensemen are on their heels and need to recover which they never get a chance to.  Kassian’s heavy shot on Miller, create the rebound, and the opportune Booth back hands the puck passed Miller.  Booth just comes flying down the middle as Myers watches.

Goal 7 – Zack Kassian from Ryan Kesler and Dan Hamhuis  (Sabres 4-3)

My one question here is, why is Leino in front of the net covering and Ehrhoff way out by the top of the faceoff circle in puck pursuit?  Both Leopold and Ehrhoff realize they left Leino all alone in front and immediately collapse to help out.  However, they completely forget about the other Canucks when collapsing.  Kassian is right behind both of them when the shot comes in.  All that needed to be done was one of them to slow down and cover Kassian right behind them and this goal would’ve been curtailed.

Goal 8 – Tyler Ennis from Drew Stafford and Andrej Sekera  (Sabres 5-3)

The Canucks are victim of a bad line change and poor dump in.  Booth has to get this puck deep.  He has two team mates with him for the chase, but Booth just ends up passing it to Sekera and goes off for the change.  Sekera makes the quick pass up the boards to Stafford, who saucer passes over Bieksa’s stick to Ennis.  Ennis chases the puck down and slides it into the net.

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