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Power Rankings: Week 17


As always, my Power Rankings ranks each team in-conference in a variety of categories and then sums them.  This way I don’t need to have opinions and stuff.  (For those, read my Vulgar Opinions entries.)

Opinions and Stuff:

Everyone sucks.  Seriously, can you talk yourself into anyone as an odds on favorite to win the cup?  Sure you have Vancouver and Detroit and Boston and NYR, but they have to play each other first.  (Plus they all have their flaws anyways.)  That was the one beacon of hope when the Sabres were sucking, that I couldn’t take anyone from 5th to 15th seriously as a playoff team.  New Jersey?  Ottawa?  What is this crap?  Do I think anyone in the Southeast stacks up well against anyone else in the conference?  Or the Pacific for that matter?  (Woo!  Go 6th seeds!)  The playoffs are going to be awesome.

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