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Video Review: Sabres @ Ducks 2.29.12

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Goal 1 – Derek Roy from Tyler Myers and Christian Ehrhoff  (Sabres 1-0)

Derek Roy wins the draw and Stafford beats Sbisa to the puck along the boards.  As soon as Ehrhoff gets the puck at the point he rifles it over to Myers, who is all the way on the opposite side of the rink.  Koivu pressures Myers to do something with the puck.  Myers throws it at the net and the puck bounces out from behind the net right to Roy on the other side.  Roy quickly slaps it towards the net and luckily Hiller wasn’t able to move laterally fast enough to save it.  This goal is one of those lucky ones I was talking about in my last post.  You just hope your team has more than the other at the end of 60 minutes.

Goal 2 – Brad Boyes from Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Ennis (Sabres 2-0)

The Sabres show us what their power play is capable of.  First, notice the movement of the Sabres.  They aren’t just standing around passing the puck.  Hodgson goes from the high slot to the wing, and the continue to rotate counter clockwise.  Myers receives the pass from Ehrhoff, fakes the shot and moves it down low to Ennis.  Here’s the key to this whole play.  After the pass, Myers moves to the front of the net, taking Getzlaf with him.  Bobby Ryan also moves down low with Getzlaf.  Now you have all 4 Ducks below the hash marks.  Ennis see’s the traffic in front and throws it out to Ehrhoff, who is wide open and can take his time with the shot.  Ehrhoff shoots and Boyes in front tips it past Hiller.  Terrific play and positioning by all Sabres.

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