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Trade Deadline Opinions From The Sorta This Side, Sorta That Side


Look at that, he's wearing an actual hockey number. Photo credit: Christian Peterson, Getty Images

After sharing my own thoughts and soliciting the thoughts of a Vancouver blogger, I’ve got another point of view to share with readers. Fellow Sabres blogger Shelby Griswold of the Griswold Post Gazette just happens to be a Canucks fan as well, so I asked her for her take on the former first rounder flip that went down on Monday.

Peep her ideas after the jump.

From her unique position as a Sabres and Canucks follower, here is Shelby’s spiel:

Here’s the scoop on CoHo:

He’s played on the third line for most of the season with the Canucks and as we have heard, has accumulated 33 points in that duration. I haven’t been able to catch many Vancouver games this season due to school but according to most of my friends that are fans of the team as well, Cody has been one of the huge bright spots of the team this year. A huge problem with him in the past had been that he lacked work ethic coming into a season, which is probably why it took him this long to get going with the Canucks in the first place but now he seems to have found his groove. Also, he had injury troubles in the past so last season he didn’t have much of a chance to play with the big club. He has 5 PP points, so I think he can help the Sabres out in that department. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. I’m hoping Lindy slides him into the first line (maybe not right away but eventually). Being on Vancouver caused Cody to be on the third line behind Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler, which makes sense. I think Cody is good enough to be on at least the second line at center behind Roy if he has to be. I would still like to see him between Pominville and Vanek to see what they can create together. I’d say to be excited due to this guy’s point totals so far this season and I’m hoping for him to be one of our answers at center but if he doesn’t score in his first game on this team, don’t get upset. Obviously it’s going to take time adjusting to new linemates. Also no, he’s nothing like Ville Leino. Calm down, folks.

As for BZK on the Canucks? It adds more physicality than ever before on this team. I’m not appreciating the ‘the Milan Lucic of the Western Conference’ reference because I don’t think Kass is that dirty. In fact, he has let up on hitting at least in the AHL portion of his career. I don’t doubt that he’s going to hit people in the West because that conference has a lot of big dudes. I think Kass might be slotted in on the fourth line with Dale Weise and Manny Malhotra. I don’t wish it upon anyone to have to play with Maxim Lapierre on their line, let alone their team (can you tell I hate the guy from my tweets?). If he begins to accumulate a ton of points, he can be pushed up to the third line. I feel like the Canucks have so many big bodies that he’ll just add onto what the Sedin Twins lack and that’s getting aggressive. No, that’s not a slam at the twins but they rarely hit people so whatever. I’m excited to see how he does in the western conference with his skill set and to see if that can develop furthermore in the tougher conference.

To coincide with the insight she shared with BBG, there’s a new post up by Shelby at GPG that talks about the Sabres’ new #19.

Yesterday, Lindy Ruff said he’d be trying Ennis back at wing with Hodgson centering him. Fans will get to see how that line works, or even how long it lasts, tonight as the Sabres take on Anaheim at the “Ponda” (Honda Center) at 10PM EST. Meanwhile, to conclude our coverage of the 2012 trade deadline, BBG will have a post up with thoughts from a Nashville blogger on the Gaustad/1st rounder trade and how the Preds might fare in the playoffs this season.

You can read Shelby’s musings about hockey at the Griswold Post Gazette and follow her on Twitter at @shelbygriswold.

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