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Video Review: Sabres @ Rangers 2.25.12


Goal 1 – Drew Stafford from Tyler Ennis and Andrej Sekera  (Sabres 1-0)

This goal reminds me of my roller hockey days.  The flip pass from Sekera over Staal’s head is genius.  Ennis chases the puck down crossing the entire width of the ice.  Staal looks like he has control the puck until he kicks it too far and then poke checks it to keep it out of Ennis’ reach.  Two Rangers are coming back to cover Drew Stafford, but it doesn’t seem like they are skating with any urgency.  Pretty easy goal for Stafford who just slaps it in from the top of the crease.  Ennis made this entire goal happen by keeping the pressure on Staal the entire length of the ice.

Goal 2 – Carl Hagelin from Marc Staal and Brad Richards (Tied 1-1)

Flukey goal incoming.  The Sabres are excellent defensively.  Regehr even realizes he is coming too far out to the blue line and drops back into coverage.  Hagelin catches Miller off guard and just throws the puck at him from behind the net.  These types of goals happen, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  They suck and you just hope your team has more than the other when the season is over.

Goal 3 – Drew Stafford from Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy (Sabres 2-1)

Here’s a defensive break down by the Rangers.  Staal moves over to force Vanek to make a play, which is exactly what Vanek wants.  Stafford is streaking through the middle and Staal vacates his defensive position to go after Vanek.  Vanek makes the pass to Stafford who is all alone coming in on Lundqvist.  Terrible play by Staal.  What should have happened is Staal should have taken Stafford and the back checkers should have taken Vanek.

Goal 4 – Marian Gaborik from Michael Del Zotto and Carl Hagelin (Tied 2-2)

Kaleta took the brunt of the blame on this one.  I’m not so sure he should have.  As the Rangers enter the offensive zone, watch Mike Weber.  He comes completely across the ice to hit Del Zotto.  Gaustad is there for help.  There is no reason for Weber to come clear across to hit Del Zotto when Gaustad, Gerbe, and Ehrhoff are there for coverage.  Now you have Gaborik and Kaleta in a foot race, and I’m sure 100% of the time Gaborik will win that race.  Gaborik makes a nice move to get around Miller and backhands it over his shoulder. Sorry Kaleta haters, this one is on Weber and not Kaleta.

Goal 5 – Ryan Callahan from Ryan McDonagh (Rangers 3-2, OT)

The OT goal.  As soon as the clip starts Sekera misses the net and the puck comes flying out to the neutral zone.  Sekera hits the net, this all wouldn’t have happened.  Moving on, the Sabres recover well and have three men back.  The pass from McDonagh to Callahan could’ve been picked off by Roy with an extra stride.  Kaleta then does what every defensemen is taught not to do, stand up the player and let him make the move around you.  For you kiddies out there, never, ever do this.  Take the player’s body and skate with him and do not worry about the puck.  Kaleta makes a foolish dive/swipe type thing at Callahan who at this level, easily goes around Kaleta.  The rest is history.

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