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Trade Deadline Opinions From Vancouver


The Sabres newest center or a young Liev Schreiber? Photo credit: Vancouver Sun

Like many other Sabres bloggers, I wrote a trade deadline day recap from a Buffalo perspective. In order to better understand the shocking Zack Kassian/Cody Hodgson and not-so-shocking Marc-Andre Gragnani/Alexander Sulzer swaps, I reached out to a Canucks blogger for the Vancouver side of the story. Dani Toth from Benched Whale was happy to oblige, offering up her take on the two deals.

Like many Canucks fans, Dani was shocked to see Cody Hodgson get shipped off. Her point of view:

Hodgson is a talented center that has the potential to be a great playmaking center. I was stunned to see him go. Seeing him traded away has shocked the majority of Canucks fans since he was becoming quite loved here in Vancouver.

Being with the Vancouver Canucks he had a ceiling in how far he could go since he had Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler ahead of him on the depth chart at center. So although he will make either a 1st or 2nd line center, he would never have the opportunity to achieve that here. In his time here he played sheltered minutes with more emphasis on offensive zone starts.

The sheltered minutes on the 3rd line could be argued to both helped and hurt his learning. It did help to play against lines of teams that weren’t the top line, giving him easier players to play against. Though his play on the 3rd line didn’t provide him the top level wingers or the ice time that could show how good his rookie season could be points-wise.

The trade to Buffalo will be good for his career in the long run and he may end up being a better player than Kassian in a few years.

As for Sulzer, I can’t really tell you much about him. He didn’t play much in Vancouver since our depth as defense is so great and spent much of his time as a healthy scratch. He only played 12 games on the bottom pairing and none of his games were particularly memorable.

One last thing – Hodgson is pronounced “Hod-son” and Sulzer is pronounced “Zuhlt-ser”. Pronunciation is important, folks.

If you want to monitor Kassian and Gragnani in Vancouver, click on over to Benched Whale and @BenchedWhale for Canucks updates.

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