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Power Rankings Week 16


Hey, the playoffs are coming, so I actually have something to talk about regarding these, especially with the logjam in the middle of the West and the end of the East.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time breaking things down because my analysis (like these power rankings) doesn’t mean much, but here are my thoughts:

Eastern Conference:

  • With their struggles, I may have eventually been right about Boston lacking talent.  Effort is great until comparable teams start matching it.
  • I hope to god Pittsburgh and Philly meet in the first round.
  • Literally any team could slide into that eighth spot.
  • I don’t think Ottawa is safe from falling out because I still don’t think they’re very good.
  • The Southeast will yet again fail to put more than two teams in the playoffs.
  • I think Washington will still win the Southeast.
  • I think the Sabres and the Lightning are the most talented of the teams fighting for eighth.
  • I think Toronto will get the eighth spot.

Western Conference:

  • Not as logjammed, but a bunch of teams crowding that eighth spot.
  • St. Louis may well be the best team in their division, but their slow start set them back a lot.
  • Their god awful special teams could cripple them in the playoffs since they can’t score.
  • The most frightening two headed goalie monster is Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliot.  What?
  • This feels like a year that Detroit is just good enough to get knocked off by a low seed in the first round.
  • I’d be terrified of Nashville.
  • I’d be itching to play Phoenix.
  • I think the Kings are the most talented of the teams fighting for eighth by a wide margin and I think they’ll get the spot.
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