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Video Review: Sabres @ Flyers 2.16.12

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Goal 1 – Jason Pominville from Tyler Myers and Derek Roy  (Sabres 1-0)

Great play by Leino to start by beating two Flyers to the puck on the boards.  Roy picks up the puck and throws in front of the net, but no one is there.  However, Myers is coming down the half wall to pick it up and immediately passes over to an open Pominville who easily one times into the net.  Now its time to pick on Giroux.  “G” just stands in front of the net, oblivious to wants going on.  He does a full 360 just following the puck along the boards.  In fact, it looks like he is trying to accept Myers pass through the middle.  Not only that, he tells Coburn to get Myers and that he’s got the front of the net covered.

Goal 2 – Thomas Vanek from Tyler Ennis and Nathan Gerbe (Sabres 2-0)

I want you to notice the hustle Vanek puts into this play.  He starts out way down low in his own end on the end boards when the two speedsters, Ennis and Gerbe take the puck up the ice.  Vanek immediately starts booking up the ice.  By the time Gerbe and Ennis side step Briere, its a full blown 3 on 2 by the red line.  Vanek receives the pass from Ennis and blows it by Bryzgalov.  Do you still want to trade Vanek?  Hell no.

Goal 3 – Maxime Talbot from Braydon Coburn and Matt Carle (Sabres 2-1)

It’s all down hill from here.  The video already starts with the Sabres reeling.  All 5 are are below the hash marks.  The puck comes back to the point, and both defensemen have an acre to work with.  Not only that, but Myers releases coverage from Talbot in front of the net.  You can see what’s coming – Coburn shoots and Talbot, who is wide open now, deflects the puck into the net.  Myers looks dumbfounded, as he should be.

Goal 4 – Wayne Simmonds from Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell (Tied 2-2)

I wonder if this faceoff counts as a Gaustad win.  I was quick to look at Weber because he is the one that didn’t pick up the puck after the Gaustad win.  However, Hartnell is free to roam from the faceoff to the back of the net and beat Weber to it.  Someone has to at least skate with Hartnell here, namely Leopold.  The puck works its way around to the point.  Leopold checked out for this whole play.  The puck is sent to Enroth, who gives a rebound, and Simmonds puts it in.  Leopold stands there wondering what just happened.  Sigh.

Goal 5 – Wayne Simmonds from Scott Hartnell from Claude Giroux (Flyers 3-2)

I could’ve sworn this was the same video.  But this time its Regehr who is out front.  Its the same exact play, shot from nearly the same spot, rebound to the same side, and at least Regehr put his body on Simmonds…sort of.

Goal 6 – Erik Gustafsson from Jakub Voracek and Claude Giroux (Flyers 4-2)

Weber skates into the offensive zone to promptly turn it over.  Gaustad points at the soon-to-be goal scorer to tell the back checkers to cover him.  Gerbe doesn’t listen, and it seems he either gives up or is out of gas at the end of his shift.  He stops skating at blue line.  Voracek makes the pass to Gustafsson who puts it by Miller.  It’s really too easy when your players are tired or give up.

Goal 7 – Maxime Talbot from Eric Wellwood and Sean Couturier (Flyers 5-2)

More crazy defensive play.  We have two people pursuing the puck.  Why?  No clue.  Weber just leaves Talbot all alone.  It even looked as if Weber was going to follow Sekera and Roy to the boards.  This “thought” of his puts him out of position, and leaves the middle of the ice wide open for the pass from Wellwood to Talbot.

Goal 8 – Jakub Voracek from Scott Hartnell from Claude Giroux (Flyers 6-2)

Now this is just getting stupid.  Watch Ennis and Gerbe.  Gerbe is poking away at Voracek and then peels off…to where exactly?  Ennis is in no mans land.  Doesn’t even know where the puck is.  When a team looks like this, they’ve thrown in the towel.

Goal 9 – Scott Hartnell from Matt Read and Claude Giroux (Flyers 7-2)

It’s almost over, right?  Ehrhoff pinches at the blue line and gets burned.  Myers lays out like a 747 to take away the pass, but doesn’t.  Sigh.  Hartnell puts it in easily.

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