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Video Review: Devils @ Sabres 2.14.12

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Goal 1 – Ilya Kovalchuk from Patrik Elias and David Clarkson  (Devils 1-0)

Derek Roy, you look like a peewee out there.  First, you run into the ref, then you skate across the ice to cover Kovalchuk.  Bad news Derek, he can see you coming from a mile away and just dishes it off letting you do a poor mans slide into third base.  Your attempt to block the pass puts you way out of position now leaving Kovalchuk ready for the pass back.  Wow, that was bad.

Goal 2 – Jason Pominville Unassisted (Tied 1-1)

The Sabres only goal comes on a fluke play.  Pominville passes it out front, intended for Vanek but Zubrus still thinks he plays for Buffalo and puts it over Brodeur’s shoulder.  When the Sabres offense relies on these types of goals, we are all in for a long night.

Goal 3 – Petr Sykora from Adam Henrique and Ilya Kovalchuk (Devils 2-1)

Here we are again, on the PK.  Positioning is excellent.  Pominville moves up towards the point when Sykora moves up the half wall, taking away the passing lanes.  Sekera isn’t screening Miller.  Miller can see the shot the whole way.  However, Sekera’s stick catches the shot creating a bounce off the ice and the puck rises as it reaches the net.  Miller can’t handle it and I’m pretty sure not many goalies can.

Goal 4 – Ilya Kovalchuk from Adam Henrique and Mark Fayne (Devils 3-1)

Oh, poor Sekera.  Chasing his tail on the blue line.  Henrique see’s this and is off to the races.  If you watch Kovalchuk’s stick, he is looking for the deflection starting just inside the blue line.  Kovalchuk leaves his stick on the ice to give Henrique something to target and makes a beautiful deflection off the Henrique pass.

Goal 5 – Ilya Kovalchuk from Zach Parise

The only reason I’m covering the empty net goal is because of Kovalchuk’s hat trick.  Most of you will remember Rob Ray going over how he is such a bad two way player and is offense 100% of the time.  Looking back at each of these goals, do you see one goal that was Kovalchuk’s fault that he didn’t play defense or didn’t skate hard enough back to his defensive zone?  No, you don’t.  Kovalchuk created 3 goals for the Devils and wasn’t a liability for any others.  Sabres just got pwned.

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