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Video Review: Stars @ Sabres 2.10.12

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Goal 1 – Michael Ryder from Alex Goligoski and Loui Eriksson  (Stars 1-0)

Starting out, we see Pominville and Leopold on the half wall double teaming Ribeiro.  This is fine if the Sabres come out with the puck, which they don’t.  This results in Pominville caught down low and he is going to struggle to get back to the point for coverage.  Pominville should’ve stayed at the top of the faceoff circle filling the passing lanes instead of helping out Leopold.  The Stars move the puck fast back to Goligoski at the point, who shoots low.  From his follow through, it even appears he took some off of the shot and its more of a hard pass.  This lets Ryder in front deflect the pass/shot up and over Miller.  It came down to excellent puck movement by the Stars and an error by Pominville.

Goal 2 – Tomas Vincour from Jamie Benn and Steve Ott  (Stars 2-0)

Steve Ott makes an excellent play.  He comes in hard on Ehrhoff forcing him off the puck.  Benn throws the puck out front before Weber has even time to react from the turnover.  You get a glimpse of Stafford, who over commits to helping Ehrhoff and leaves the front of the net open.  With Stafford in the picture what should’ve happened comes more clearly.  Stafford should’ve taken Vincour in front.  In the end, its a defensive breakdown and a learning lesson for next time.

Goal 3 – Thomas Vanek from Jason Pominville and Christian Ehrhoff  (Stars 2-1)

Pominville learns from Goligoski on the first Stars goal and does his shot/pass to Vanek who tips it in front of the net.  Prior to the Pominville pass (not seen in the highlight video),  the Sabres were moving the puck very well.  Ehrhoff manned the point, and Myers was sneaking in down low.  Players standing around, passing on the perimeter rarely results in a goal.  A successful power play involves the defensemen going down low on the off wing, players rotating for different looks, and forcing the puck into crucial areas (in front of the net, near or far post).  Most importantly is to keep the goalie moving.

Goal 4 – Derek Roy from Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers (Tied 2-2)

I’m pretty sure this is how James Patrick and the Sabres coaching staff drew this one up.  Before the puck is dropped Stafford is more than ready to jump into the faceoff circle to help Gaustad gain puck possession.  Pominville is at the top of the circle ready for the shot and Myers is behind him.  Roy heads right for the net from the half wall.  The puck comes to Pominville who realizes he doesn’t have a shot with Benn pressuring him.  He drops it back to Myers at the point.  Myers doesn’t have much option other than to shoot it.  The Stars are in good defensive position.  Myers shoots hard and low, hoping for rebound.  Stafford creates havoc in front of the net allowing Roy and Vanek to come in from the sides to put home the rebound.  Roy grabs the rebound puts it into the open net.  All 6 Sabres did what they were supposed to, and all 6 had a role in the goal.  Gaustad with the faceoff.  Stafford in front of the net and in the faceoff circle.  Vanek spreading out the defense by going to the off wing.  Pominville either taking the shot or passing back to Myers.  Myers quarterbacking by either shooting or passing to an open man.  Roy heading towards the net for a rebound or pass down low.

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