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Vulgar Statistics: NHL Teams And Size


After hearing about the big bad Bruins ad nauseum on NBC Sports the other night I started to wonder just who the biggest team in the NHL really was.  Luckily that’s actually a pretty easy thing to figure out.  All I had to do was take the average height and weight (minimum 10 games played) of the roster or every team.  The results are after the jump.

Final Thoughts:

I was surprised at both the top and bottom.  I mean it isn’t much of a surprise that Montreal is on the smaller side, or Calgary and Ottawa are on the larger, but we tend to think of Washington and San Jose as teams of skill players not big men, and the opposite for Pittsburgh and Nashville.  Buffalo barely avoided being in the bottom five in terms of overall size which will probably surprise a few people.  And all of this is largely irrelevant, after all it’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play.

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  1. Joel Ward permalink
    04/27/12 7:10 PM

    I wonder how heavy the Rags would be if they all emptied their diapers?

  2. John Matthew Barlow permalink
    02/10/13 12:23 PM

    Nice, thanks for this. Very revealing that being big or small by NHL standards has about nothing to do with winning and losing, looking at the Pens and Caps. Good work!


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