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Video Review: Bruins @ Sabres 2.8.12

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Goal 1 – Christian Ehrhoff from Tyler Myers  (Sabres 1-0)

The first goal results in excellent puck pursuit by the Sabres.  Pominville pressures Rask to push the puck along the boards to Boychuk, then Leino and Roy pressure Boychuck into the turnover.  The Bruins feeling the pressure down low, the forwards collapse to help the defensemen.  Caron is below the faceoff dot when the puck comes free to the point, where Tyler Myers passes over to Ehrhoff, who throws it at the net.  Ehrhoff proves the age old hockey quote, “Putting the puck on net is never a bad thing.”  Campbell gets a piece of the shot slightly deflecting the puck and throwing Rask for a loop.

Goal 2 – Jason Pominville from Ville Leino and Mike Weber (Sabres 2-0)

The pass.  Leino makes the goal, but he does get some help in the form of Chris Kelly.  Kelly is skating with Pominville from the blue line in,  just doing a half ass job of covering with his stick.  Leino stops and does his spin-a-rama and Kelly seems mesmerized and lets Pominville skate to the front of the net unguarded.  Chara already has Roy covered.  Apparently, Kelly thinks Chara is such an all-star he gets to cover two players.  Pominville has to reach for the backhand, but goes untouched.  Oh, and what was Boychuk thinking trying to stand up Leino at the blue line?

Goal 3 – Tyler Ennis from Andrej Sekera (Sabres 3-0)

Shades of Afinogenov?  Ennis just skates around Caron who is flat footed right outside the blue line.  Then Seidenberg says, “This guy is &#(@& fast!” and turns around to skate forwards putting his back to the play.  Ennis’ shot banks off of Rask, who looks rather silly trying to make the save.

Goal 4 – Patrick Kaleta from Paul Gaustad

Adam McQuaid finds that blue line turnovers will kill you.  McQuaid puts it right onto Kaleta’s stick.  I can hear RJ in my head, “..but doesn’t get it out!”  Here comes the lazy award of the night, which goes to Tyler Seguin.  Seguin does swat towards Kaleta with his stick looking disinterested.  You know what, he isn’t interested!  Kaleta passes to Gaustad, who passes back to Kaleta.  Seguin watches all of this and doesn’t do anything.  Its such a hard life playing in the NHL ya know.  I bet he burned 2 calories with that attempt, one with each swat of the stick towards the puck.  Kaleta puts it on net, and surprise, it goes through the Thomas wickets.  Boston is going no where fast with this lack of effort.

Goal 5 – Jason Pominville from Ville Leino and Andrej Sekera

Chara starts the Sabres rush with a turnover at the blue line.  Leino then does a neat little saucer pass to Pominville who pulls up inside the Bruins zone and finds Leino coming down the off wing.  Leino pushes down low and Sekera is wide open at the point.  Three Bruins are in front of the net covering Roy.  Why not make it 4?  Leino picks up the errant Sekera shot and Pominville moves in front.  Once again, Kelly does his best scarecrow in front and lets Pominville get a shot off.  All Bruins are standing still, twiddling their thumbs, swatting away at open ice hoping to get a piece of the puck.

Goal 6 – Drew Stafford from Tyler Ennis and Nathan Gerbe

Oh look here.  Seguin makes another, albeit short, appearance.  Gerbe picks the puck off of him and you’ll be hard pressed to see him again until the goal is scored.  Gerbe dumps the puck in and chases.  Pressures Corvo behind the net.  Corvo must’ve watched some videos on the Sabres prior to game time.  In particular, Mike Weber.  Corvo gives it away and it goes right out front to Ennis.  Ennis does a shimmy to get Thomas flopped and passes it to an open Drew Stafford in front.

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