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WGRZ Provides Sabres Coverage Band-Aid


In their newscast following the Super Bowl last night, WGRZ announced that they’d be picking up the Feb. 11th Sabres game versus the Lightning so that deposed Time Warner Cable customers can at least get a taste of their team who may or may not be turning it around.

Per last night’s story, WGRZ in Buffalo and WHEC in Rochester will alleviate broadcast tensions in Western New York for at least one evening. The TBL vs BUF game on 2/11 is a Saturday night game, and will feature a full post-game show.

Many fans have made the switch to DirectTV and Verizon FiOS, the latter only in the suburbs, or have resorted to straight-up piracy. But what about fans who like TWC’s services and don’t want to leave? One disgruntled Sabres fan has decided he wants to keep the provider but isn’t going to keep paying them for channels he’s not receiving.

From HF Boards member “SabresFan79”, posted Friday 2/4:

I just called TW again today to get my MSG money back. If they’re not carrying MSG, I’m not paying the part of my bill that considers the roughly $5 fee MSG and MSG+ charge each month. Just as they did last month, TW gave me my $5 back.

I encourage everyone to do this so we’re not subsidizing TW in this dispute. I’m going to stick with TW at least through next September, but I am not going to allow them to profit from the absence of MSG.

All signs indicate that there’s no resolution in the works between TWC and MSG Networks at this time, as Sabres ratings take a nose dive and Time Warner loses customers in droves. All the dispute has proven is Sabres fans will do whatever they can to see the games – it would behoove the conflicted parties to strike a deal already and end this squabble.


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